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large leather tote bag with a braided leather butterfly on the pocket
large tote bags - handmade using braided leather 
 This large leather tote bag with a butterfly applique on the pocket measures about 16" wide (near the bottom) x 14" high x 3.5". It has a large (full width) back inside pocket. This particular one pictured at the top has quite long straps (30"). I most often make them 18" long. I make the straps any length a person would like. 
 Most all of these pictures are clickable for larger views. 
 The cost of a large leather tote bag, with the butterfly applique, like the one pictured at the top of this page is $260.00.  The cost of one without the butterfly applique is $240.00. 
handmade leather tote bags made using braided leather
large leather tote bags with a pocket on the outside and a large pocket on the inside
 Thumbnails below can be clicked to see a larger view. 
large tote bag made using braided leather construction
purses and handbags custom made and handmade with braiding using American made leather
 Below are three of these large tote bags made with more elaborate braids on the body, pockets, and straps. They all have the large inside pockets mentioned above. A circle applique was braided on the outside pocket of the one on the left. The tote in the middle has similar pockets on the front and back. The tote on the right has the braided straps with quite long tassels. All of these images are clickable for larger views. 
a tote bag made using braided leather with a circle applique on the front pocket
this tote bag has a pocket on the outside front and back as well as a large full width pocket on the inside back
 This tote bag below has a full width front pocket and another full width pocket on the back inside. 
 Here are a couple I made using a series of patches. The two pictures on the left are front and back views of the same bag. The one on the right was made with fewer patches. 
 After Wendy received her tote, she wrote: 
  The package was at my house when I came home last night. The tote is absolutely PERFECT!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the bag!! Everything about it is perfect -- the size, compartments, shape, straps, and most importantly the beautiful braiding and craftmanship! I can't imagine ever using another bag (unless of course I'm lucky enough to get another one in a different color!). THANK YOU so much for all your time and patience working with me to create a truly gorgeous customized bag! I am on cloud nine right now (yes, a bag can do that for a woman!). Again, thank you so much for everything!!    Wendy 
 This tote bag was built without it tapering toward the top - same for the pocket on the front of it. The straps are braided with eight strands - it has eight tassels on each of the ends. It also has a full width pocket on the inside back of it. 

what I call my small tote bags are not that small 
 These small leather tote bags measures about 13" wide (near the bottom) x 10" high x 3.5". They have large full width inside back pockets. I make the straps on these any length a person wants. Most often I make them 18" to 30". The cost of the basic leather tote bag, like pictured on the right, is $225.00. It can be made with any of the colors of the soft moccasin cowhide leather on my swatch card page. 
 Below are other versions of how this tote can be built. They most all have the two pockets on the front and a large pocket on the inside. The one tote is pictured with a ruler to help with size. Some have an eight strand round braided straps with foundation knots and long tassels on each end. I had to adapt the top curve of the front pocket a bit to accomodate attaching the braided straps. 
 The size of these tote bags are 12" wide by 9' high by 4' - those dimensions can even be adjusted. They all have an inside full width front pocket. 
 other styles of tote bags 
handmade leather tote bag built using braided construction
 Tassels, as well as the straps themselves, can be made to any length one wants - 'as long as you'll have them.' 
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 I encourage you to read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
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 An extra long strap with extra long tassels hanging from them. It also has a button closure that I fashioned from a circle of leather and a tasselthat spans from the other side. 
 The buyer of this bag sent me the turquoise piece to attach to this tote. It was made the same shape/size that his wife already carried. 
 This is not like the tote at the top of this page (with the butterfly applique) - it has eight strand braided straps. 
 The three bags below are all least in the following ways. The outside two are Brown - the middle one is Black. And, unlike the other two, the one on the left has a single strap/handle.