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 braided leather appliques 
 Most of the appliques have been on purses and handbags that I have made. Although, a few weren't used at all. I'll probaly add over time. Most all of these pictures are clickable for larger views. 
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an appliqued design of the Zia symbol used in New Mexico
braided leather handbag with a circle applique on the flap
 Not all of the appliques I've braided got applied. The three below are examples of that.  
 This one was an attempt at an eagle head from an elongated braided circle with the simple beak added to it.  
 An acorn - I never did wood burn some detail into the cap. 
 A dove with an un-finished olive branch in it's mouth. 
 What I've come to call a tri-loop. Many call it a Celtic knot. I've never heard a better name for it, but, suspected that there may be one. 
 I've made a lot of circles of various sizes. This, being on a flap of a popular bag, has been the one I've used most. I first seen it in Bruce Grant's 'Encyclopedia if rawhide and Leather Braiding', but, I didn't like the way he built his, so, I figured out what I think is a much better way to construct it. 
 This one was built to be similar to a Zia design, a symbol adopted by New Mexico and used on many things representing that state including their license plate. 
 A leather butterfly - this is one of the first appliques I ever used and continues to be very popular. 
 A Sagittarius Zodiac sign custom built for someones anniversary present. 
 A capital 'L' monogram. 
 A capital 'J' monogram. 
 A couple more circles of different sizes and configurations
 oak leaf applique hand sew on leather
 This oak leaf is hand sewn on leather and put on a purse flap. 
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handmade and custom made leather vests with braiding made in the USA using American made leather
braided leather vests that are custom and handmade in the USA using American made leathers
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