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purses and handbags home page of Anderson Leather Braiding in Bemidji, Minnesota USA
 Check out these links to other braided leather goods that I have made and read my guest book to see what others have said about the things they have purchased from me. 
 The pictures on this page are of the many soft, high quality leather handbags and purses that I have designed, hand crafted and custom made for buyers - there are larger pictures of each item on most all their individual pages. Everything is truly handmade - no electricity is used in this construction method. Patterns that I have designed are laid out and traced, holes are punched one at a time, laces are cut and then it is braided together. Any sewing used is done by hand. They are all made with personal features that make them quite different from one another - truly one of a kind custom pieces. The moccasin cowhide leather that I use is soft, strong, comfortably thick. 
I avoid using any hardware (except zippers) and none of them have a lining. These products are very durable and will far outlast most hardware and any lining that could be used with them.
The moccasin cowhide leather that I use is very strong, yet still soft and supple. Unlike a lot of leather used to make purses and handbags - all the leather that I use is American made/tanned and non-toxic.
I encourage you to read my guest book to see what others have said about the braided leather accessories they have purchased from me. In it you can read entries from folks that have owned my work for thirty years or more. ...Dave 
 I call this handmade leather bag my circle flap bag. It's just a nice shoulder bag that has a flap that I can put different appliques on . Here it's shown with a circle applique that has been very popular. It's made with an 'S' applique braid and has a large pocket on the inside. Its size is about 11" wide x 9.5" high x 3" across the bottom. The cost of it is $225.00. Click on the picture or the button below to see a larger picture and further description.
 These braided leather purses I call my 'roll-button purses'. They come in three different sizes - the two pictured on the right, and a larger size yet, in the pictures below. They have two compartments under the flap and a large pocket on the back side of it. The straps on most of them are braided. The 'large' one is about 10.5" wide x 9" high x 5" ($300.00). The 'small' one is 9" wide x 8" high x 4.5" ($275.00). The largest (XL) of these designs is about 12" wide x 9" high x 6" ($325.00). 
< Eight detailed pictures of this small roll button purse 
< some large pictures of this large roll button purse
 a large roll button purse with a zodiac sign applique 
 Here's is a picture of the small size bag along side the extra large size bag without the roll button - with a tri-loop Celtic type knot. There is another size of this bag in between these two sizes. A ruler is laid in front of them for help sizing. The image is clickable for a larger view. 
 The three bags below are all of the largest (XL) roll button purse with different appliques (instead of roll buttons) on the flaps. The thumbnails are link to their pages. 
 Here's a couple of different fringed leather purses/bags that I've made using my braided leather construction. Click it to see more/bigger pictures and a description of them. 
 While the use of fringe has it limitations of where it can be added, I've added it to quite a number of different bags.
 I've now built these sennit bags. in three different sizes. They are described with their dimensions on the page they are linked to. They have eight strand braided shoulder straps. There are pleats on the bottom corners of these bags to add dimension to them. The large brass zippers used are long lasting. There are quite a few more of these bags on the page with more views showing the different features of these popular styles.
 The first time I made this bag style it was ordered by a man for his laptop, so, I began started calling it a 'man bag'. Hence, I named the web page about that bag/purchase. Since then, more women have bought them than men. The style accommodates many places for pockets, or not. The one on the right has no flap. I've built them in several different sizes that have been requested. Like many of the things that I build, they are 100% leather - no hardware, thread, etc. is used. 
 A woman requested a double flapped bag like the ones above, except she wanted it to have a wider flat braided strap, That ended up being the custom design on the right.

On the left is another custom bag that I built from a sketch that was sent to me.

 There are more pictures of these bags with descriptions on the pages they are linked to. 
 On the right is a clutch bag. I've made this bag many different ways and sizes. It has a pocket and sometimes a little star or initial on it. There is a large brass zipper across the top and a braided wrist strap. I also make it with long braided shoulder straps. 
 To the left is one of the 'large totes' that I make - it measures 14.5" x 14" x 4". This one has my braided leather butterfly applique on the pocket. Click the picture for the description and links to larger pictures of several more of these tote bags - each made a little different, such as, with a braided circle in place of the butterfly.
 Here is another design of tote bags that I make. The dimensions are it are about 13" wide x 10" high x 3.5". I make them with either the flat strap or 8 strand round braided ones. Either way the straps can be made to any length a person would like. 
 The small bags pictured below can be made different sizes. The braided handles/straps can be made to any length. The different appliques can be left off or replaced. I use large brass zippers. Click for a number of others choices and larger pictures of them. 
 Unique leather bags  that  are linked to descriptions and more and larger pictures of the two different sizes that I've built it in. 
 These leather zippered bags are often called a messenger bags and can be made to most any dimension/s. They have braided straps (or not) and pockets (inside and out). Click the images for a larger picture of them and others that I have built. 
 A leather belt pouch made with braided leather and a large brass #10 YKK zipper
purses and handbags home page of Anderson Leather Braiding in Bemidji, Minnesota USA
 Below is a link to pictures from an old catalog of assorted bags, etc. that I once distributed. 
 At this link there are close up views of the large brass zippers that I use. 
purses and handbags home page of Anderson Leather Braiding in Bemidji, Minnesota USA
purses and handbags home page of Anderson Leather Braiding in Bemidji, Minnesota USA
 A variety of braided leather appliques that I used on my work. 
 I've custom made these leather 'double-flap' style bags in many different sizes. Most have pleats at the bottom corners forming the third dimension. Some of the smaller ones don't have pleats. Click on the pictures to see the various ways/sizes that they have been built. 
 Here are three different sizes of what I call my 'sennit purses'. They show some of the options about how they can be built. Those options include colors (including multi colors), strap lengths, tassel lengths, pockets (or not), appliques, etc.
 On this page are examples of the many styles of purses that I've made. Most of the pages linked to them show other examples of that style - some have quite a number of examples of that styles.   Everything that I build is pretty much a 'one of a kind' item. Each bag is custom built for the buyer after discussion with me about how to built it - they select the style, color/s, strap lengths, pockets, appliques, etc.

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  "Hi Dave,  I just got home and the handbag had been delivered.  It is absolutely beautiful - the leather is soft and it is the perfect size and color.  The pride you take in your work is more than justified. The braiding is lovely- your website reveals all of this, but nothing can really show the intricate craftmanship and artistry until you see the bag in the flesh (so to speak).   I'm thrilled with it, and I know I will use this bag for years to come...and having a made-to-order handbag you can't find anywhere else is pretty darn special.   I expect that at a few family gatherings coming up soon I will be bombarded with requests for your contact information I also expect I will be ordering another one..... Thanks again!"    Sidney Ann 
leather Ipad purse case braided
leather Ipad purse braided
 These two custom made purses were built to hold Apple Ipads. They both have pockets on the inside back that the Ipads slip into. There is also the pocket on the front. 
 Anderson Leather Braiding 
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 When I've seen bags similar this, 'canteen bag' is what came to my mind. Sometimes, Harley Davidson air cleaner covers (like in the picture) are attached to them. But, it's also a nice bag without that. More info on the page. 
 Here is a picture of a 'infinity hearts' applique that I've used on purses. I thought it was nice, so, I put it here so folks would see it. It's about 4" by 2", but, could be done a bit larger.