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large brass zippers used for custom and handmade braided leather goods.
handmade and custom leather handbags and purses using large brass zippers for closures.
 Here are pictures of the large brass #10 YKK zippers that I use on some of my custom and handmade leather goods. These are hand sewn in using bees waxed nylon thread. The holes for it are pre-punched and spaced 1/4" apart. All of these pictures are clickable for larger views. 
 These are #10 YKK brass zippers. Years ago I used smaller zippers, but, they were the first thing to wear out. Customers didn't like that and I didn't like having to replace them. Subsequently, I switched to these larger ones and I have heard appreciation about that switch. If anybody did want smaller zippers I could certainly do those as well. 
  large brass zippers 
YKK large brass zipper
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 circle flap bag 
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 purse w/ butterfly 1 
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handmade and custom made leather vests with braiding made in the USA using American made leather
braided leather vests that are custom and handmade in the USA using American made leathers
 I encourage you to read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me.
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