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 custom leather shoulder bag braided 
custom leather handbagshand made with braiding braiding - long braided leather shoulder straps
leather purses and handbags with braiding that are custom made and hand made in the USA using American made leathers
unique and unusual purses and handbags handmade with braided leatherunique and unusual purses and handbags handmade with braided leather
unique and unusual purses and handbags handmade with braided leatherunique and unusual purses and handbags handmade with braided leatherunique and unusual purses and handbags handmade with braided leather
unique and unusual purses and handbags handmade with braided leatherunique and unusual purses and handbags handmade with braided leather
custom leather shoulder bag made with braided leather.
a picture of this shoulder bag taken next to a ruler to help with sizing.
 A woman sent me a sketch of the bag she would like to have me build for her (pictured below). After a few minor adjustments to her sketch this is the bag. It measures 12.5" wide at the bottom and is 9" high. The side/gusset measurement is 5" at the bottom. These measurements taper a bit towards the top opening. All of the thumbnails are clickable for larger views. 
 A picture of the bag next to a ruler for sizing. 
 A large full width pocket accessable from this slot at the back of this bag. 
 The top view of this braided leather bag 
 These two side pockets are fairly large - 5" at the bottom and 5" high. 
 After Joan Gretten received this bag she made the following entry to my web site guest book. 

 I just received my second "Dave Pocketbook". It is absolutely gorgeous. He created this beautiful bag from a simple sketch I sent him. I was looking for something particular, with side pockets. Something I had envisioned for years but never found. His talent has no limits....he can do anything! Dave is a perfectionist....all of his creations are flawless. The quality of leather he uses, his precision workmanship and his creativity stand out above all others. I have received so many compliments on this pocketbook..... even total strangers have stopped me to ask where I bought it. Dave is the "Michaelangelo of Leather"! 
 I replied to her by email and said - I've just got to tell you again what a kick I get out of your saying "Michaelangelo of Leather". I have a hard time calling myself an artist - to me, that is subjective for others to decide. Sincerely, ...Dave 
  She then further replied to me by email saying: 

 Dave.....  Well, I have exercised my right to be subjective... you are truly an artist.  Only a person with an inborn talent could create the beautiful leather items you make.  I have always loved leather --- anything....jackets, pants, skirts, vests, halters, pocketbooks.  And, to feed my addiction, I have always been drawn to leather craft stores, booths, tack shops, etc.  I swear, I have never walked past a leather store without checking it out.  I used to go up to Lake George on a regular basis to look for leather goods because there used to be a ton of leather shops up there.  In all my years of searching, I have never found any leather products as fine as yours.  I have been introduced to numerous individuals that call themselves leathercrafters, but they all lack compared to you.  You probably don't even realize it yourself, but you have an inner ability, what you do comes natural to you......nobody had to teach you.  Talent is a can't buy it, you can't learn it...either you have it or you don't --- there is no middle of the road.  It is a natural resource that comes from within and it provides you with your flair -- style -- preciseness -- perfection -- creativity.....all the components necessary to get to that highest level that you have attained, that of an artist.  These other people that call themselves leather crafters are only businessmen --- YOU ARE THE REAL THING!
I still recall the first time I found your web site...  When I saw the things you made I couldn't believe what I was seeing....everything was so beautiful, so perfect and of the highest quality.  At first I thought, is this for real or are the pictures making these things look better than they actually are.  The more I looked at your portfolio, the more I realized.... THIS GUY MAKES BEAUTIIFUL PRODUCTS!  So, take it from a leather freak.....YOU ARE AN ARTIST of THE HIGHEST  DEGREE.  There is nobody out there that can compete with you.....YOU STAND ALONE!  
I have no reason to bs you!  If I said you were just okay, or so-so, you would still sell me a pocketbook!  You are the most phenomenal leathercraftsman that exists......never before did I see work like yours.   So, you've earned the title.... you are, "The Michaelangelo of Leather."
I have received so many compliments on that bag you can't imagine!  I tell everyone, I found the Leather God and that is where I got it! 
 Well, Joan, that is just too much to keep - I had to share it here. Thank so much for your kind words. Sincerely, ...Dave 

handmade soft leather purses
 Here is another bag that was custom ordered - same style - different color. 
shoulder bag made with leather braiding
handmade leather shoulder bag
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 I encourage you to read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
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   I am the happy proud ecstatic owner of a custom made leather bag by David Anderson! I cannot express in words my pure joy when I opened the box today....WOW! I love everything about it and am completely in awe of the braiding work on this purse. Thank you David for being a true artist and creating such amazing leather goods!  Barbara B 
 Below is what the woman had to say about her gift and below the picture is what she had to say about it on her blog.

 Friday, February 5
future leather vintage
I have to take a step sideways today to show off an artist craftsman extraordinaire that is not an antique. Lets just put this into the category of future vintage bags because... quite frankly.... this amazing purse will surely outlast my meager years on this planet!

Hubby bought me a very special Christmas present this year - a David Anderson hand crafted leather bag. Originally he picked a tote bag that was just a bit too massive for my size so David kindly let us exchange it. Lucky me because I got to add a special touch - the infinity knot, or Celtic knot, on a bag of my choice. I love visions that represent energy and this sign is surely a classic.  

The bag arrived yesterday so Christmas came twice for me :) and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. I needed a pick-me-up yesterday and boy did I get one! If you have a heart-pull to finely crafted leather works (he does more than bags) be sure to visit this amazing craftsman's website: 

Thanks again David - your work is awesome.