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 braided handmade leather shoulder bags  

 At the top are the largest sized ones - further down the page are the medium and smaller sizes of this style. 
 Here are pictures of the handmade leather shoulder bags that I custom build using braided leather construction. These bags are quite popular and I have now designed it in three sizes - all shown in the picture and thumbnails above. The measurements are about as follows. 
 Large -    13" wide by 8" high by 5" 
 Medium - 11.5" wide by 7" high by 4.5" 
 Small -     10" wide by 6" high by 4' 
 Notice that the straps are all different sizes as well. 
 The longest is 44" long and is often for wearing over ones head/shoulder. 
 The shortest is 20" long and mainly worn over ones forearm. 
 The middle length one is 32" long and the standard length that I use for many of the styles that I build. 
 I feel like I should caution folks about the size of the large bag with this narrow strap. If one needs to carry this bag for a long time it could become sore on your shoulder. I have not figured out a way to use a wider strap on this style. One thing I did recently, to help alleviate that, was to use two straps that attached in a different location. There are two pictures of that bag in the 'large' section below. 

 The large brass YKK #10 zippers used are quite strong and, like the bags, long lasting. The four bottom corners are pleated for dimension. The eight strand braided leather straps can be ordered any length. 
  The cost of these basic bags in the three sizes are $190, $210, and $225 respectively. That price is without any applique or pockets on it. Those features need to be discussed for prices. 
 Most all of the pictures on this page are clickable for larger views. 
handmade leather handbags custom made using a braided leather construction method
handmade leather handbags custom made using a braided leather construction method
handmade leather handbags custom made using a braided leather construction method
leather handbags with large brass zippers for closures
custom made leather handbags braided
handmade leather handbags braided
leather handbags custom and handmade
hand made leather handbag
handcrafted shoulder bags custom made using braided leather including an eight strand strap and large brass zippers.
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handmade leather handbag with a Zia design applique
 These smallest bags also have the pleats on the bottom corners and the large brass zippers that I use on most all of my work. As with all my bags - I will make the strap on it any length one wants. The cost of one this size would be $190.00. Click on the images for larger views. 
small leather shoulder bag with a long braided strap
 Dear Dave, 
 I have been truly enjoying my new purse for these past couple of weeks.  Let me say that the workmanship, craftsmanship, and attention to detail is incredible.  I am so happy that I took the chance and ordered from you.  Your numerous e-mails explaining minute details and your willingness to accommodate my needs of an extra pocket on the Sennit bag, insures that this is a perfect purse for me. 
 My experience in ordering from you has been a pleasant one, and I will definitely be ordering from you again.  Mark me as a very satisfied customer and know that I have been giving out your web site address to the many individuals who have asked about my beautiful bag.  Clear Skies, Barb 
 This bag was built with my two darkest colors 
 Brown and Mahogany 
two tone brown leather shoulder bag with a braided leather strap
a side view of the three different sizes of this bag
a view of the three bags along side some familiar cans.
the three sizes with a ruler for help sizing them.
 Here are pictures showing a closer view of the features of this style. 
 This two-toned leather (Mahogany and Rust) one has a pocket on one side that is divided - another pocket could be put on the inside of this bag using the same braiding as this outside pocket. Either of these pockets could be divided or not. Folks should specify how long they would like the fringe/tassels to be. I suggest they go long - it's nice fringe. On the ends of this braided strap they are near 12" long. 
 Some of them are done with short tassels on the ends of the braided leather strap. 
 The medium sizes of these shoulder bags. 
 The small sizes of these shoulder bags 
 Here is one with two straps attached in a different location. It also has a pocket on each side of it - one of them divided into two pockets. 
 The pairs of pictures below are of the front and back of the same bag. 

custom and handmade leather shoulder bag
 More clickable pictures of the medium size bags 
 This nice two tone medium bag has my tri-loop applique on one side and a single large pocket on the other side. Straps can be ordered any length one would like. 
 These three pictures are of the same two medium sized sennit bags. I think they went to a mother and daughter. Both have divided outside pockets ...whose location can be duplicated on the inside ... divided or not. 
 The pairs of pictures below are all of the same bag - opposite sides. 
 another picture showing the pleats of this bag. Click it to see the larger image. 
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 I encourage you to read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
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 Here are two pictures of opposite sides of the same bag...on one side is a pocket and on the other side is what I call my tri-loop. 
 This one is made with my Black, Mahogany, and Rust colors. 
 The medium sizes of these shoulder bags. 
 Notice the pleats in the bottom corners of this bag - they create the third dimension of it. 
 Clickable pictures showing the most common three sizes that I offer. 
 Large brass zippers - YKK #10
 Here is another medium size bag quite similar to the one above. Besides the colors being a bit different, the pocket is divided. The coca cola can is added for size reference. 
 Looking at all of the bags on this page it's understandable how it can be said that 
 'no two are alike'  :)  

 The one on the left has a Brown body with Brown/Mahogany braiding. 
 This has a short shoulder strap - they can be made to any length. 
 I've put all four of the following pictures, with some description, on the same web page they are linked to