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 This braided leather handbag with a circle applique on the flap. The western style of leather braiding used to construct this handbag is unique and very durable. It has a large pocket on the back inside and a long shoulder strap. The bag measures about 11" x 9.5" x 3". The braiding that it is constructed with is called the 'S' applique braid. The strong, durable leather used for it is moccasin cowhide. On my swatch card page you can see some of the other colors that I offer for it. The cost of a bag like pictured below, with the circle applique, is $225. 
braided leather handbags, custom and handmade in the USA using American made leather
 leather handbags braided, custom and handmade 
braided leather purses handbags, custom, handmade, and one of a kind pieces of art work
 braided leather handbags, large and small, custom and handmade using braided American made leathers and are made in the USA
braided leather handbags, custom and handmade in the USA using American made leather
 Below is another picture of this same handbag. Keep in mind that all of the pictures on my web site are of new products. I say that because, while they are made of soft leather, in the pictures they look rather stiff. In particular, I am speaking of the strap on this bag when I say that. With use, in a short time, they become very supple, but, are quite durable. 
leather handbags by an American designed and made in the USA using the best full grain leathers available
leather purses one with a circle applique on the flap - one with a butterfly applique on the flap - and one with a plain flap
 Here are the three different ways I generally build these braided leather handbags - with a circle applique, a butterfly applique and a plain flap. Each has a large (full width) inside back pocket and a long strap that can be custom made to any length. 
 braided leather bags with circle appliques on the flap
 These two thumbnails are of the same purse. To help portray this pearl color of leather on my web site - I took pictures of it using two backgrounds - One is on a dark brown length of corduroy and the other is jute. Both enlarge for better views. 

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handmade and custom made leather vests with braiding made in the USA using American made leather
braided leather vests that are custom and handmade in the USA using American made leathers
 I encourage you to read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me.
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